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Defense of export control enforcement actions; advice on cross-border transactions and compliance with export control laws world-wide.

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Export Control Compliance: Why you need it

Exports are the future of the American economy. But when you seek to market abroad, an array regulations on exports can trip you up in ways large and small, from delaying shipments to sending errant employees to jail, losing your right to export at all, and even thwarting strategic plans. The primary regulations are:

Export Compliance NE brings Vince Canzoneri’s 20 years of large-firm legal experience to bear on the full range of export control matters, including:

A. Consulting services (at non-lawyer rates) with respect to:

  • design and implementation of export control compliance programs;
  • product and technology classification and licensing;
  • integration of foreigners employed here under work visas into controlled-technology environments; and
  • audits of existing compliance programs.

B. Legal representation with respect to:

  • defense of alleged administrative and criminal violations of the export control laws;
  • audits and internal investigations of export control compliance protected by the attorney-client privilege;
  • designs for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance with respect to export controls;
  • due diligence in investment transactions to discover potential successor liability for export violations; and
  • assistance in structuring cross-border entities and advice on cross-border transactions of all kinds, such as IP licensing, internet sales, distribution and VAR agreements and outsourcing.

To schedule a free export-control needs-analysis of your enterprise, or to discuss any compliance problem in complete confidence, contact vince@canzonerilegal.com.


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