Election Fallout 1 – Executive Orders At Risk

President Obama – in tightening controls on some countries (e.g., Russia, in response to its annexation of Crimea) and relaxing controls on others (e.g., Iran in consideration of its agreement to limit nuclear development, and Cuba to end decades of ineffective sanctions) – has relied on executive orders.  When Obama leaves office, all of his executive actions are open to reversal by President-elect Trump.

While the Republican Congress may largely have supported Obama’s Russia actions, Trump – seeking better relations with Vladimir Putin – may wish to rescind the Russia orders, despite objections from senators like John McCain and Lindsay Graham.  By contrast, the Republican Congress would likely cheer Trump on if he revoked Obama’s Cuba rules and tore up his Iran agreement.

But Trump, himself, has previously sought to do business in Cuba and Trump would pay a heavy diplomatic price if he backs out of the Iran agreement.  So stay tuned.

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