North Carolina Export Compliance

North Carolina Export Control Compliance Law

Export Compliance NE proudly offers its Export Compliance services to companies located in the Eastern United States, including defense and aerospace contractors and subcontractors in North Carolina.

Defense contractors are of course aware of their obligations under the United States International Traffic in Arms Regulations, but ECNE stands ready to assist with complex questions such as whether a component is or is not “specially designed” for a defense article. Subcontractors who never send their goods or provide their services outside the United States are often mystified to learn that they are nonetheless required to comply with the United States export control laws. And they are astounded to learn that fines for violating those laws can run as high as $250,000 per violation. If you are looking to expand into the East Coast of the U.S. call Vincent today for assistance.

Devising compliance programs that are tailored to individual companies’ needs is a specialty of ECNE. Likewise, the auditing of such programs to ensure that they live up to the requirement of US law.

Our legal representation & export control compliance services also include:

  • Defense of alleged administrative and criminal violations of US export control laws;
  • Internal investigations of export control compliance whose results are protected by the attorney-client privilege;
  • Due diligence in investment transactions to discover potential successor liability for export violations; and
  • Assistance in structuring cross-border entities and advice on cross-border transactions of all kinds, such as IP licensing, internet sales, distribution and VAR agreements and outsourcing.

With global trade reaching unprecedented levels you practically have to have a law degree or Ph.D. to keep from running afoul of the increasingly complex export controls regime. The regulations now fill more than 2,000 pages. More than 2,600 items and technologies are subject to controls, just in the dual-use [non-military] area. Exporters and universities are required to check six separate lists, with thousands of entries, of potentially dangerous individuals and groups before allowing access to controlled goods and technological information. In many cases, government approval is required.

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For more information about ECNE’s services in North Carolina, contact Export Compliance NE today for a free initial consultation. Vince Canzoneri has over thirty years of experience, specializing in export law and cross-border transactions; intellectual property protection and licensing; and bankruptcy litigation and counseling.

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